Baby List

baby list

This baby list has done its rounds over the last 8 years.  May help for baby shower ideas too!

  1. Note pad to write what the baby does and when you feed etc
  2. Baby bag
  3. Fess (for baby’s nose)
  4. Shampoo Gaia or Mustela brand
  5. Body wash Gaia or Mustela brand
  6. Mother pads for sore nipples called Multi mum
  7. Gel for nipples in a purple tub
  8. Pads for mummy
  9. Moisturiser or oil Mustela brand
  10. Shampoo and body wash for mummy (stock up I used Loccitane)
  11. Pads for breasts disposable
  12. Scissors- nail clippers
  13. Cotton wool to wash face
  14. Hair brush
  15. Dummy
  16. Packet of bottles I used Medela brand
  17. Sterilisor Medela brand
  18. Express machine Medela brand
  19. Milk bags for freezer when you express milk Medela brand
  20. Baby book- contented baby by Gina ford
  21. Baby book- baby love by robin barker
  22. Baby panadol
  23. Bag of nappies
  24. Scented baby bags to dispose nappy in
  25. Face towels or cotton nappies for wiping face and bum
  26. Sudocream – baby bum cream
  27. Berpanthum – baby bum cream
  28. Thermometer- brother max brand
  29. Monitor – angelcare
  30. Temperature egg for baby room- groegg
  31. Sleeping bag for 6 months + – grobag
  32. Good wraps for first 3-6 months -mum2mum are good
  33. Singlets
  34. All in ones 0-3 months
  35. Socks
  36. Mittens
  37. Caps/beenie
  38. Blankets at least 4-6 I keep a couple in the car always
  39. Bath for when too little to sit up
  40. Mattress protector
  41. Mattress linen
  42. Mobile for cot that sings
  43. Pram
  44. High chair
  45. Stroller for when they get older- Mclaren
  46. Bassinet for your bedroom
  47. Cot
  48. Bookshelf
  49. Toy box
  50. Toy bags to get toys nice and tidy in living area
  51. Change table
  52. Bank account
  53. Email address
  54. First 5 years keep safe box
  55. Picture frames
  56. Private school enrollment forms
  57. MCC application form

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